Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peepow fink Dobermans are scary???

Yesserday moms and SFB came home from va docker and ven we were all pwaying in va house.  I saw somefing outside va back door and went to 'vestigate.  OMGAWD!!!!  A lady was standing right in our yard and even touching our deck!  What von heck, lady???  So I barked and ran to get moms, cuz moms taught me stranger danger!  Cals and SFB start barking like va freaks vey are, ven moms came in to see what va trouble was.
Me:  "Moms, crazy person touching mine own deck out vere!"
Moms:  "Settle down everyone, let me see what she wants"
Me: "Moms!!  You can't go out vere!!  She could be dangerousness!!"
Moms: "Relax, Boo, it'll be fine."
SFB: "Ooooh, lady lady lady, are you a burbler??  I make pee pee!!!"
Cali: "OMG, get me outta this place.  You all crazy!!  And also, is that a bird out there by the pond?  That bird is going DOWN!!"
Me: "Guys, come ON.  Moms is trying to take care of bizness.  Stay quiet, but wook feroshush!"
Moms went outside and va lady didn't seem to understand why she shouldn't be standing in our yard.  Moms 'splained it is our YARD, and also how rude to upset us (va dogs).  Va lady said real not nice fings, and ven Moms told va lady fings I'm not allowed to say...  I don't fink va lady will be back.  Vey say Dobermans are scary, but I wouldn't make my moms mad, if I were you!  Hahaha!


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