Friday, June 8, 2012

Down puppy, D-O-W-N!!

I've been working real hardness on teaching vis puppy about Down.  She are stubborn and also has real sharpness teef she likes to bite on me wiff.  GAWD!!!

Here I am saying "Down, puppy!"  She were biting my face so I grabbed her and held her vere for a minute...

I turned away from her but kept a close eye on va wittle beast.  Cals came up to tell us we are cuckoo.  GAWD Cals, go away, I'm busy being va trainer!!

SFB finally stayed in her down, so I could rest.  I hope we don't get anover puppy, vis one is wiping me out!!! I'm real gwad it's va weekend and moms will be here to help me more.  I need to get some sunbazing in and some seep seep!  Have a great weekend, OK????


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