Friday, June 1, 2012

I wanna be like dads...

I will not write a poem for my dads, cuz he isn't real fond of vem like moms is.  So I was finking of what to do vat makes him happy.... art work!!!  He real likes to draw and also make big fings to hang on va wall, like vis:

I don't know how to do vat, but I real like to make fings out of my toys and bone bones.  So wast night, while moms and dads were eating and I was 'posed to be watching va girls, I made vis!

Dads real liked it!!!   He smiled and everyfing and told me I'm such a good, cwever boy!  It gave me va happy :-)  I'm also happy cuz va childrens come vis weekend!  Have a great time, friends!


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