Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whoa is me....

Whoa!  Firse of all, I 'pologize for SFB taking over my bwog yesserday.  She is a real naughty puppy, I can't weave her awone for one minute!!  GAWD, no wonder moms likes crate training so much! 
Ven, it are rain outside.  I real hate va wetness!!!  It will be a quiet day of seep seep I guess.

Well, I fought I would give some tips on trying to get your moms and dads to stay home wiff you.  Here are some vat I have tried and work for me!!
Vis one is called "pout"...  just look real sadness when vey say vey have to go.  Sometines I lift my head up just enough so moms or dads sees my sad eyes, for that extra nudge!

Vis one is called "sneak attack kisses".... jump in veir wap and give kisses all over, ven lie on vem so vey can't move!  Haha!!
Vis one is called "kill 'em wiff cuteness"...  snuggle real nice wiff your sister, even if she has crazy evil eyes!  Moms and dads will be so surprised, vey will want to stay wiff you!!

If vese fail, beg vem to take you wiff.  I'll have pics on that in another bwog.  Have a great day, my friends!  Stay out of va wetness if you can, OK???


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