Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pwaying 'gility!!!

Fwashback to 2006...
Moms and I would get in va car a lot and drive forever to va best pwace, ever... school!!!  I made awot of puppy friends and people friends and we started to learn 'gility!  I am not afraid of any of va 'gility stuff because mom says I have no fear.  As a puppy, we learned tunnels and where our butts were mostly...  I wuvvvvv va tunnel!  Whenever I see one I go "vroom" right into it and ven come out and run around like crazy!
In va next few years, moms worked very hard (I fink so at least, her face wooked serious!) to teach me all sorts of 'gility and 'bedience fings.  I am very smart and know vem all but sometimes I cannot wait for moms or teachers so I just do my own fing :-)  Everyone else in class finks it is real funny and ven I do even more stuff!  Moms turns red and ven gets me by the collar and we have to sit down.... party pooper, moms!!!

Here are some of va fings I learned to do:

Paws table:  Moms says "up" and ven I go and put my paws on vis table fing.  Sometines she says sit, sometines she says down, and sometines she says stand.  I don't know why she always changes her mind.

A-Frame:  Ohhhh, vis one is like, awesome sauce!  You run and climb vis fing and ven go flying off va top!!  Well, moms doesn't seem to like when I do vat, but it is so much fun!  Ven I have to redo it and moms tells me "easy easy easy.... touch!" on va way down and ven I get cookies!

Tunnel:  Moms says "tunnel" and away I go!!  Somtines I just go in va tunnel cuz it is so fun, even though moms said to do somefing else!

Shoot:  Vis one confuses me... at home if moms says "shoot", she is upset.  So when she says "shoot" at school I look around and ven she points at vis shoot and says "it's ok, GO!" and ven I run like crazy to get out of vat fing.  One time it got tangled in my big feet and ven I was stuck.  Once moms and BonBon got me out, I bited it and shook it... stupid fing!!!

Walk it:  I like to go very fast over vis one, too.  Moms always says "easy, easy, easy" and ven "touch it" when I come down.  Sometines I just jump off the down ramp and ven moms says "oopsy, let's try again!".

Teeter:  Vis one is stupid.  It makes big noises and one tine my paw got stuck in va bendy part.  Booo, teeter.  Booooo!!  But I do it cuz moms asks me to.

Over:  I love to run real fast and ven leap over vese.  Moms says I am so gorgeous when I jump over.  Sometimes they are all over va pwace and I have to watch mom real cwose so I go to va right one!

Through:  I not sure who came up wiff vis one... looks like a tire hanging in va air.  Mom's yells "frew" and sometimes I go frew va bottom, sometimes frew va middle.  Moms and I worked on vis one a lot and now I always go in va middle.  One tine, moms yelled "over" when we came to vis and I tried to go over va top.  Geesh, moms, get your commands straight!!

Weave-weave-weave:  Vese are pole fings and I have to in and out and in and out of vem.  Moms sounds real funny when we do vis one, her voice goes high and she keeps saying weave weave weave.  Sometines I mess vem up just to start over and hear her ;-)  Moms bought some for our house to practice on!

I really love 'gility.  Moms and I have time to ourselves to run and pway togever and everyfing!  You should ask your moms to take you, too.  It is va best!


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