Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sisters.... gawd!!!!

When I was a baby, I had one sister.  Her name is Olivia and she is black.  Now I have a sister (but not from my litter, moms says) who is named Cali and is also black.  Boff of vem like to beat me up and cause trouble.  I haven't seen Olivia since I was little, but she used to drag me around by my head...  Cals causes trouble and tries to make me take va bwame!!  Last night, moms and dads went out for a little bit and Cals decided to turn dads new magazine into a party.  As soon as she grabbed va magazine, I hid, like vis:

Vat way if moms and dads came home while Cals was being naughty, vey would know I wasn't doing it!

Cals worked on vat magazine va whole time.  I kept telling her to stop it but she didn't listen.  She danced in it like a ding bat and everyfing!  Here's what it looked like when moms and dads came home:

"What happened here??" moms said.  I asplained to her vat I was innocent!  She said "I know it wasn't you, Boo, go in the kitchen for now" so I did.  Ven dads said "Cali, what is your deal??  You know not to eat stuff, naughty girl!"  Cals looked over at me!!!!  Moms said "nice try, *$(^&" and ven Cali went into va kitchen wiff me, dads didn't even have to tell her.

Moms and dads cleaned up and everyfing was fine.  I chewed some bone-bones and ven went to seep on one of va beds.  Cals got up and tried to bury me!

What va heck, Cals???  I are being a good boy, you should take a lesson!

It is hard to have black girls for sisters... vat is all I know.


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