Sunday, February 19, 2012

I had a puppy...

Moms and dads brought home a puppy for me... his name was Linus.  He was very very tiny baby size and was cuter van even me!  Linus was an American Bulldog and was born at my Auntie Pam's house.  His brovers and sisters were all doing fine but he wasn't so he came to me.  I cleaned his face wiff little kisses and made sure his buttsy was always clean.
Moms said I was such a good, gentle boy wiff Linus.  But ven one day, Linus really started getting sick so moms and dads took him to Dr Paul.  My poor puppy could not be saved and we all were very sad.  Well, Cali wasn't said cuz she doesn't like puppies very much.  But moms, dads, and I cried.  Va next day, I checked his crate in case he came back somehow.  Ven I took one of his blankies and slept wiff it in my bed.  I wish he would come back.

Beaker came to our house next... he had a silly face and is red like me.  Moms called him "little man" which makes me mad cuz I am her little man!  Beaker only stayed one night and I was glad...  only one red boy in va house, pweeze!!

Later, we brought home Linuses 6 brovers and sisters to live wiff us.  Vey were so cute and a lot of fun!  Lucy would break out of puppy play land and chase me and Cals around.  Schroeder followed me everywhere cuz I'm such a cool boy.  But Auntie Pam found good homes for all of them and now I have no puppies again!  It is hard to be a foster brover.

I wonder what kind of puppy will come to our house next??


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