Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm firsty!!!

I get firsty awot.  Moms says its from my memicine... I want waters allllll va time!  Sometines moms and dads aren't watching me to see vat I want waters, so I make it real clear for vem. 

First, I stand by my water bowl and stare at vem... sometines I let out a few noises.

 If vat doesn't work, I flip my bowl over.... put one paw in front of va dish and one paw inside of va dish...
... and vere ya go!

Ven I usually sneeze in disgust and walk away....  moms will say "sorry Boozer, did you want a drink?"  Gawd moms, pays attention!!



  1. I laughed out loud on this one. Paisan throws his metal bowl across the room. We can relate!