Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New neckwaces!!!

Our Auntie Claudia makes neckwaces for dogs... she also makes jackets and somefing called Snoods (haha, that makes me giggle!).  And also, she loves horsies and makes blankets for vem!  Here are our newest neckwaces from Aunti Claudia... you can look at her website at    She makes horses cozy, and everyfing!!

Mine are vis color... looks real nice on my dark red fur!  Moms always pways music at home and in my car, and says we are all rock stars!!

I are so handsome, dontcha fink?

Cals is real nice, too...  I like vis color awot!!!  Moms says we can trade if I want to.  Cals says not nice words about vat!

My sister doesn't feel so good today but will always do what moms asks...

Moms says we almost have enough neckwaces to change every day of va month.  I wish we would cuz I hate wearing va same fing every day.


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