Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sometines I wake up and vere is a lot of sunniness outside our house.  I real love those days cuz ven I can sunbaze!  You can sunbaze even if it is cold outside or hot outside because right by my big door vere is a little fing that hot and cold air comes out of to keep me company!  I'm pretty sure moms had that built just for me!
It's va best spot in va house, and Cals tries to push me out of va way cuz she's a big huge meanie!  Sometines we share va spot...

Moms tells us what good puppers we are when we share.  But I don't really like sharing... I like a sunbazing  spot all to myselfs especially outside in va fresh air!  

Moms doesn't let me stay out long vo, or I will get crispy, she says.  And also my feet warm up and smell like Fritos!

Is it summer yet?


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