Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everyfing in its pwace...

I have a toy box... a big toy box full of bone-bones and squeakies.  No stuffies in vere cuz I kill vem and moms gets a funny look on her face and frows the carcass away.  I love to chew my bone-bones and I love to have them all over the house but not just anywhere.  I am a clever boy, you know, so I like to make art!  Here is some of my work.  Moms and dads titled them, they are so silly!

"Arrow to Cali"


Don't go into the living room!"

"Shoe bone shoe bone"
Gawd, moms isn't even clever....
obviously it's a shoe ven bone
ven shoe ven bone, moms. 

I liked this one the best!

I made vis one the same way two times in one night... 

I fink everyone should do art.  It's awot of fun and everyfing!

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