Friday, February 24, 2012

I don't like wetness...

I woke up vis morning, had my breffist and got ready to head outside to do my business and vis is what I saw!

I real don't like the white wetness.  Moms talked to me in her most special sweet voice that gives me the happy, "Come on Boo-Bear, time to head out... just make it quick, you'll be back in before you know it.... let's go baby boy!"  Ven she shoved me out va door!!  I did make it quick cuz I'm pretty sure vat stuff will melt me!!  Sometines when you go out in va wetness, the floor in va house becomes sipperdy.  You have to be careful or you will fall.  My sister Cals fell this morning and moms helped her up.  I tried to ask how she was doing but she made the "b" face at me.  Gawd!  I was just trying to be helpful, meanie!

Ven I had to shake my paws all around to get the foot balls of wetness out.  Moms doesn't enjoy vat, cuz I leave the little balls all over va house!

Dads is outside wiff a loud machine making the wetness go away.  My dads is the best at taking care of us. 

Well, time to surf va net for a bit.  Sunbazing later, and tonight va childrens come!!  Ve only time I will pway in va wetness is if va childrens want to... it is very hard to say no to vem!


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