Friday, February 17, 2012


One time, we went to see Dr Paul who is va nicest man.  He sits on va floor and pets me and tells me I'm handsome and a good boy and he gives me cookies!  He likes to put needles in my legs sometimes and ven he talks to moms about me.  Last time I saw Dr Paul, he gave me a bag of stuff to take home and try.  One is called a 'jection.  I don't like vem and I want to ask Dr Paul why he gave me vis, it is not fun and it feels like someone bited me.  Moms puts it in my back once a week to help my angry butt, or somefing like that.  I don't fink my butt is angry, it just doesn't always like my food and ven I burps and have gasses whenever I eat.  But moms says the 'jections and memicine will help me feel better and she wouldn't steer me wrong.  Whenever moms says "time for your jection" I make vis face:
She gives it to me anyway...

I have a lot of blogging I want to do, but will fink about my next one for now.  Dads and I are going to go hang out, my favorite fing to do. 

Sidenote from moms:  I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, not Angry Butt.


  1. Poor Hogie. Your friend HRH The Kone says "Make sure your mom gives you some yummers with your 'jections!"

  2. Hi Kone! Moms can only give me kibble as yummers cuz or else my butt gets mad again... but fanks for va idea!