Monday, February 27, 2012

I saw Dr Paul again...

He is va nicest man!  I didn't have to have anyfing done cept my nails cuz moms says they grow like talons.  We took Cals in to Dr Paul for somefing, ven moms and dads and Dr Paul were worried.  Now Cals has memicine... here we are at va vet, sitting nice.

When we got home, Cals was wild and started to pway bitey-face/kissy-snout wiff me.  She is a crazy girl and we have a lot of fun!  She are feeling better now I fink, she keeps pinning me to the ground!

Moms says I have to be easy-gentle wiff Cals cuz she is old lady and not feeling well.  But ven Cals bites on me and hits on me and I have to get her back!  Gawd, moms, you just don't unnerstand!!! 

I hope Cals gets better from vis memicine.  She is my bestest buddy. 


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