Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vat was a real strange day!

Yesserday was real quiet and nice during va day.  Once moms got home, it went cuckoo!!  We had dinner, ven moms and I went for a bye bye in va car.  I real like doing vat!!!  We were going along and ven, vere was a real loud noise and a tire went flying by our window.  Moms jammed on va brakes and I was scared!  Moms got out of va car and ven I just cried and cried and cried cuz I wanted to be wiff her and I was scared.  Vere were sirens and ven my favorite, a fire truck!!!  I howled like a siren, it were so fun!  Moms came back in va car and ven we went to dads work.  Moms said it was a cwose call, but we were safe. 
We visited dad for a little bit, ven went home and I was training wiff Sarah, on how to do "down".  First, she plopped down like a fish and ven was on her back wiff an antwer in her mouf!  GAWD puppy, what are you doing??
I told her to fwip over and ven I held her vere wiff my paw and told her "good down, Sarah Farah Bearah!!" 
I also helped dads change out some tires on va mountain bike...  I got real tired, vo, and feel to seep seep.  Oopsy!!
I hope today is not so crazy.  I need to sunbaze and rest!  Vere was talk of me getting a baff today, but I fink I can distract moms and get out of it, haha!


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