Monday, May 21, 2012

I need mine own 'puter!!!

Ever since last week, I was trying to use va 'puter....  we all share one, and moms and dads get first dibs.  Makes me real crabiness cuz I have my bwog to do, and my facebook, and everyfing!!!
Dads, dads, dads, dads, dads, dads.....

Ven he says, "what is it, Boozer, I'm busy!"

 Dads, pwease I need vis 'puter to do my bwog.  OK????  Here, have a kiss.
He told me for to wait a wittle bit and ven I could have it.  

I waited all va night.  Sigh....
I don't even amember what I was going to bwog about now, cuz it has been so long!!!  GAWD!!!!  I had a real fun weekend, I know, cuz va childrens were here.  I will have to look at pics from va weekend and see what happened.

I hope you all have your own 'puters!

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