Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Uh oh!

Yesserday was a real nice, quiet day.  Ven, SFB caused chaos!!  She made va peepee business in her crate!  Moms came home and cweaned it up, took us all for a walk, gave us dinner, ven SFB had to go in va wetness maker cuz she were smell.  After vat, Moms let us all out on va deck to pway and sunbaze.  As soon as we got out, Sarah ran over and found va gate open.... I said "SFB, DON'T go off va deck, K????" but she did.  So ven I went off va deck to get her and ven Cals followed me.  I tried to tell moms but she didn't hear me.  We went running around va neighborhood ven I heard momma's voice saying "Boo Bear, come here my love!!!"  Oh yay, moms DID hear me!  I turned right around to run to her and ven told me naughty sisters to come wiff.  We all ran towards moms, who ran to va house.  She told us we were SO good to come and ven we got va cookies!  She was real shaky so I stayed right wiff her and gave her kisses.  Probly she's not a good runner!  Ven Sarah spazzed out in va house and jumped on va end table, knocking everyfing off it and she got herself stuck between va table and va wall.  What in von heck, Sarah Farah Bearah???  Moms didn't look real  happiness, so I went to one of my beds and pretended to seep seep.  Ven dads came home and I got pizza for being va good boy vat came when momma called and for leading my sisters to safety, he said!  I real love pizza, fanks dads!!!

I don't real have pictures for vis bwog.  I didn't fink moms would want a picture of her cleaning up crates and Sarah and us on va loose!  Ha!  I hope today is real calm.


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