Monday, May 14, 2012

I have va new cousin!!!!

On va weekend, moms and dads went wiff Aunt Nancy and Unca Rob to wook at dogs and everyfing.  Vey met a real niceness boy from va rescue I vowunteer wiff, IDR+!  His name was Henwey, but vey changed it to Winus!!! (moms says it is Linus, and we are going to work on my pronunciation stuff soon!)  He is making everyone so happy and I can't wait to meet him.  See how handsome he are??

We had a barbeecue yesserday.  It was so nice out and we pwayed outside and ven helped dad make burgers on va grill.  Vat grill has va hotness!  If you put your nose on it, it will hurting!!! 

Dads also taught us about bicyco safety.  You have to wear a cap on your mellon so if you fall off, you don't crack your brain like an egg, OK????  He is real good wiff bikes and everyfing like vat.  I asked for a tricyco so I can go riding wiff him, too!

Life is good.  Have a great day, OK everyone??  And everyfing!!



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