Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm wiped out!!!

Yesserday, moms was home sick wiff va my grain.  I always feel real sadness when she are sick.  While she were home, I did my best to make her feel better and also babysit my sisters so vey didn't bover moms.  Vose two girls wore me out!!
I gave moms kisses on her face and eyes to help her feel betterness.  Sometimes she said "OUCH!" so ven I would stop.
Once she fell to seep seep, I got caught up on my recorded shows, like 'Merican Idol.  Vere are some good singers on vere!!
Cals like to pway and dance when 'Merican Idol is on.  The girls started pwaying like crazy, so I jumped in to tell vem to knock it off!
I gave Sarah Farah Bearah an antwer to chew on and made sure she didn't get up.  
Ven I fell seep seep, like moms, but SFB snuck over and woked me up!!!  GAWD, puppy!!
She just doesn't ever leave me a be....  even when I'm chewing bone bones, she stalks me, and everyfing!!!

Today dads has SFB wiff him for awhile, so I get break.  I'm so wiped out!  Good fing it is va weekend soon, ven moms and dads can help me watch va girls. 

It's beautiful outside, everyone have a great day!

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