Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been finking...

Mostly I've been finking about my new friend, Millie, who has osteosarcoma.  I'm real sad she has it, but I'm also real happiness she has a wonderful moms in her life to give her love and everyfing she needs.  Vat is all any dog really wants, right??  You can read more about Millie here:
I 'member when I was in va hospital having my uniball removed and ven I got real sickness and had to stay at hospital for a real wong time.  I was so sad wiffout my moms.  So I started finking, what about all va dogs and cats and ferrets and birds vat don't even HAVE a moms or dads and are sick?  Va ones in shelters and va rescues?  It made me real sadness.  Moms reminded me vat foster moms and dads real love their fosters, and also shelter workers and vet staff are so nice, too.  I don't fink vere are enough volunteers vo!  Also, so many animows wiffout homes makes me sadness.

Here are some of my over sickness friends, or ones vat have special needs (vey need love, too, OK??):
Damien - he just needs special food, like me!!!

My Auntie Pam and fellow vowunteers with Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus do a great job wiff sickness animows.  I'm real proud to know vem all.  Vere are animow shelters all over va world vat need more vowunteers, fosters, and everyfing!  So keep vat in mind, if you want to help somehow, OK??  Moms always says one good deed goes a real long way!


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