Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Probly my most favoritest fing to do is snugglerin!  I'm real good at it, and everyfing.  Ever since I was a baby puppy, moms would snuggler wiff me and tell me how good I was, how smart I was, and everyfing like vat.  She still does it, every single day, wiff all of us!  Sometines, I find moms seep seeping and ven I want to snuggler.  So I wait a few minutes in case she wakes up, but if she doesn't, I put my snout on her real gentle like and ven I say "wake up moms, time for to snuggler, OK???"  She always wakes up and ven I have va happy!

I real like it at night night time when I get to go up on va bed wiff moms and dads and we snuggler.  No Cali or Sarah allowed!
You should all snuggler wiff va ones you love.  It makes you feel good!



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