Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wetness maker, va big one!

Vis morning I had breffist and ven moms opened va door so I could go outside.  But va big wetness maker in va sky was on.  GAWD!  How's a boy 'posed to make va baffrooms wiff wetness on him?? 

I did not go out vere.  Ven, Sarah Farah Bearah came running up to va door and WENT OUTSIDE!!!  OMG, SFB, come back in here, you could melt and everyfing!!!!  She ran around like a donkey and ven made poops.  Moms said what a good girl she is.  What von heck???  SFB even gotted a cookie for being such a good girl!  Moms sang va baffroom song, and everyfing, like when I was a baby.  I looked outside again and putted my nose out vere, but it got wet so I came back in.... no cookie or song for me, hmph!!  Stupid Sarah Farah...

Hiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  You talking about me, Hogieeeee??  I love you, Hogieee!!  And momeeee and dadeeeee and Caliiiiiiii!!!  Lets play, wanna play come on and play!!!!!

Get off my 'puter, puppy!  GAWD!!!  I'm telling dads on you!  How'd you get out of your room again?? 

I gotta go, friends.  Vis puppy is crazy business, I better teach her some more stuff.  Don't go in va wetness, OK???


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