Friday, March 2, 2012

Oopsy daisies!

Fwashback to 2006:  I was still a little dude and whenever moms had to do somefing and couldn't watch me, she put me in vis fing called ex-pen.  So I was in my ex-pen and moms was upstairs.  Ven I heard a loud BOOM noise and so I jumped and jumped on va ex-pen until I was free.  Up va stairs I went and found moms on va floor inside the wetness maker machine.... she wasn't moving and va water was going all over her.  I jumped in va "tub" fing and licked her face over and over.  Ven she woke up and said "help, Boo, help mama".  I jumped out and ven stood very still.... moms said "brace" so I just stood vere and she grabbed my neckwace.  I started backing out of va baffroom and vis helped moms stand up!  She kept saying "good boy, look at you good boy!". 

Ever since ven, I help moms awot if she is topsy turvy.  She says "help momma" or "brace" and I go right to her!  Sometimes she are sick from memicine and ven I stay right by her side and lick her face to say I love you.  I real loves my moms.  And now I help dads sometimes... mostly to get out of bed, but I real loves him, too.  I have va best parents a boy could have!


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