Monday, April 30, 2012

I went to va docker

Hi everyone!!!  I had a real busy like weekend, wiff all sorts of stuff to do.  On one of va days, moms took me and my sisters to see docker Paul!  It was real busy vere, so moms and I waited inside and Cals & Sarah Farah Bearah stayed in va truck.  I got to meet awot of real nice people and also vere were awot of animals.  One was called a "cat", moms said.  I were sniffing and sniffing her little cage and ven she went "HISSSSSS" and hit at me. GAWD, little cat, I just saying hi!
Ven I met va cutest lil pupper named Chulo.  He were a tiny baby and I were real gentleness wiff him.

When I saw docker Paul, I was so happy!  He is va bestest!  Moms says he gave me a 'jection, but I didn't feel a fing!  He rubbed me all over and said how good I am and vat I look great!  Ven moms put me in va car with Sarah, so Cals could come in.  Sarah and I sang a lot and ven I went to seep.  When moms came back out to get Sarah, I jumped out of va truck and ran around va parking lot.  It was real nice out, I met some dogs and people.  Moms was not looking real happiness wiff me, so I got back in and tried to be a good boy for her.

I real like famiwy outings.  I wish Dads was wiff, but he was sick from his birfday party va night before.  Maybe next time, dads!


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