Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being a big brover....

It's real hardness to be a big brover.  I have to watch over vis puppy and also teach her everyfing I know.  I know AWOT of stuff, and she has a real small puppy brain, mom says, so vis could take forever.  She still jumps up on moms and dads and va childrens, but not all va times.  And she doesn't chew on us much anymore, eiver, which is real good!  Vis is me showing her how to just lie down and calmly chew a bone bone.  I tolded her it is not a good time to jump on anyone's face or body, just mind your own beeswax and chew!

She still wants to climb on anyone sitting down, and somehow she gets away wiff it!!  Vat is real unfair business, I say!  I have to get off va couch as soon as vey find me up vere, GAWD!!!!  How come vese rules are different for va baby?  Shouldn't we teach her betterness about manners and everyfing like vat??  Vis puppy gets away wiff everyfing!

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