Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh hi!!!

I'm back from a cation and had a real good time!  I got to pway wiff my sisters and also some of va dogs vat are in rescue.  I had so much fun and miss all my friends!!!  Here are some of vem...

Wink are real cute girl and somehow her eye went missing!  She wouldn't tell me what happened, but she real likes to spend time wiff over dogs.  She are sometimes a little scared of people, but I fink she prolly had a hard time before wiff big meanies!  I real like Wink awot!!!

Juwiette is sooo beeyotiful and are real small cuz someone treated her real bad and she has 'maciation.  She wears a jacket to keep her warm.  She only has nice fings to say about everyone, and her little nub wags a million miles a minute!

Ajax is a very good boy, and I don't really like many boys.  He were adopted long time ago and ven got away from his people and vey were not nice people eiver, cuz he are real skinny business and his fur is all messed up.  Auntie Pam has him feeling much better and vere is a famiwy who real wants him!!!  Yay Ajax!!

Bruno was HUGE red boy.  I'm just saying I fink I'm cuter, but my sister Sarah real liked Bruno awot.  Vis is Sarah & Bruno pwaying in va big yard!  Bruno went to a new home and vat is real good news!!!

 Vis is Carly.  She reminds me of Cals awot, cept Carly is nice!  She has real bad worms in her heart and has to go to va docker a lot for help wiff vat.  But she has a new famiwy just waiting for her treatment to be done and ven she will go wiff vem!  Moms says it is REAL important business for me to take my heartworm memicine every single monf so I don't get vis, too.  All doggies need to do it!  My moms can tell you more if you don't know how to do vis for your own doggie.  OK?? 

Vis is Prince Charming, and he looks like my friend Ari, who is a Weimeranaemrer fing, but he really is a Fawn Doberman!  He are a wittle shy but a good, good boy.  I real love his ears, isn't he handson?


Damien was real quiet while I was on a cation.  He is real handsome, too, and I can't bewieve no one has 'dopted him yet!  Look how nice his ears are, and everyfing.  I was real nice to Damien when I'd pass by his room and he were nice back.

I'm pretty sure vis dog was in Turner & Hooch.  He breaves awot and sometines drools and stuff.  But he are a real good boy and just wants to pway and say hi, OK??  His name are Dougy and he still needs a famiwy, too!

I don't know what in von heck vis fing is, but moms said his name is "Lenny" and he needs a home, too.  My sister, Cals, said she wants him for breffist, so we didn't get to see him too much.

I real hope all va animos in rescue Ifind homes soon.  I would be so sad wiffout moms and dads.  But until vey do, vey have real good foster moms and dads!  Everyone should fink about 'doption, like we just 'dopted Sarah Farah Bearah.  She's nutsy cuckoo, but she is one of us for sure!


Hogie, IDR+ spokedoggie

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