Monday, April 16, 2012

I love my dads!!

Hi everyones!  It was real busy-ness for me vese last few days cuz now my dads is working a bunch.  Dads counts on me to watch va house and our girls while he is gone.  I real miss my dads being wiff me all va times.  Sometimes I take his socks and go seep seep wiff vem, so I have somefing of his wiff me while he is gone. 

He doesn't real like vat, vo... and tries to take vem back!  GAWD!!

Whenever he comes home, we get va happy!  Cals sings a song and dances and brings him a bone bone... Sarah sits on him and I just sit nearby in case he needs me.  My dads are va bestest!!!

If he gets on va 'puter, we all stare and beg him to stop!  Haha!

Have a good day everyone!  Make sure your famiwy knows you love vem!!


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