Monday, April 23, 2012

Now vat was fun!!!

I had so much fun vis weekend!  Wots of pway wiff va childrens and ven we went to Aunt Sherri & Uncle Rob's house and pwayed wiff Baci in vere big, hugemongous yard!!! 
 Here's me, coming to get my sisters... I run real fast!
 Vis is Sarah, trying to be cool like me...

She finks she won tuggy, but I let her win.  I have to be nice brover.
 I real like to run!!

 I was trying to get Cals to pway va stalk game, but she wouldn't.... gawd!

Here we all are.... Cali, me, Baci, and Sarah.  It was such a fun day!!!  Fanks Auntie & Uncle!

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