Thursday, April 12, 2012

My girfriend rocks!!!

Cinny came over for our second date and it was real nice!  She didn't even pay attention much to Sarah, haha!  She said hi to everyone, even moms, ven we just hung out.  We snuggled and talked, I showed her how I pway wiff my sisters and she said I'm a real good boy!!  Ven, vere were peoples walking around behind our house so I barked and she said "what a man you are!"  WOW!!!  I only tooted once, which is pretty good for me, and she didn't mind.  Cuz she unnerstands I have va angry butt disease and she loves me anyway!

I real lucky to have such a nice girfriend in my life.  We even kissed, and everyfing!  Love you, Cinny!!!


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