Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ohhhh, now I get it!

No privates were involved at 'gility last night!  Moms asplained vat private just meant no over dogs and peoples would be in va cwass wiff us.  VAT makes much more sense!  We went in va car for a long ride ( I started to go seep seep) and ven went into a pwace and met Miss Dee!  She has 2 fuzzy wuzzy dogs vat are so cute, and real smartness!!  Moms and Miss Dee really talked awot!!  I was getting bored, but ven vey would pway games wiff me and I'd get to do some jumps and fings.  Moms says it was a 'valution and Miss Dee promised it would be more fun each time we come.  I real like Miss Dee, and am so happy we will do 'gility again!!  Moms says we have awot of homework now, but I'm a smart boy and will do my best for straight A's!


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