Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vis puppy are wearing me out!!

Moms says when I was a baby, I was even more nutsy van Sarah Farah Bearah.  I real find vat hard to bewieve, but moms wouldn't make it up...  Vis puppy are cuckoo!!!  Yesserday, she 'scaped her room and ven came upstairs where we were all seep seeped.  She jumped on moms and dads bed and ven made va pee pee all over!!!  OMG Sarah!!!  I told her to run and get in her crate, and ven moms and dads were running around, all kinds of freaked out!  Me, Sarah, and Cals ran downstairs to get out of va way!  I ran to my old bedroom, which is now Sarah's, and ven she followed me in....  Get outta here, naughty girl!!

I told Sarah to stay real quietness all day and not make more troubles and I stayed right wiff her to show her how to be good.  Boff girls grabbed bone bones and were so good togever.  Course, vey took va bones I wanted, how rude!!!  So I watched 'Merican Idol wiff moms.

Ven dads came home!  Everyone gets so excited for to see him cuz he are so fun and he real loves us.  Everyone swarmed around him, haha!!

Tomorrow is dads birfday.  I real hope vere are party hats involved, vat is my favorite and dads will look real handsum in one!! 

Have a super duper Fursday, everyone.  And everyfing!!!


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