Friday, April 20, 2012

Surrounded by girls!

Now I have two sisters, and vey are boff real cuckoo beans!  Cali likes to pway only some of va time, so you have to approach real careful or she will go postal!!  She always goes after me like I'm a gazelle and she is va wion!!  Ven she tackles me and we roll around, ven she goes for my froat!

Sarah always jumps on our faces, which Cals real doesn't like.  Ven Sarah runs away, all scared.  Moms says vat is good cuz she will learn not to do vat.  But ven she runs to me and jumps on MY head.  GAWD Sarah, you're a naughty puppy!!  Good fing she are real cuteness!

Boff sisters like to stare at me if I take time out to chew my bone bones.  It are real 'noying cuz I just want some piece and quiet and vere vey are, glaring at me, trying to steal my bone bone!  Get out of here, b*tches!!

I guess it are better ven having a brover...  I'm va ONLY boy for moms!!  I hope everyone has a real good weekend.  I know I will, va childrens are coming!!  It's my favorite fing!!


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