Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How confusing!!

Moms says we are going to do 'gility again, which gives me va happy!  She says we have to make va preprashuns before we start va cwass so we get back in va swing of fings!  How we do vat??? I asked....  she says we're going to Ms Dee's privates.

WHAT MOM??  All vis schooling I go to vey say do NOT go to va privates!!!  It is rude and not like when dogs check out each overs privates.  GAWD!!!!!  One time I was sniffiing around in va waundry and ven got dad's unnerwear stucked on my head... dads said vat was 'vading his privates or somefing like vat!   

I not sure what will happen tonight at va privates...  stay tuned!


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