Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm taking over vis town!!

Yesserday, Cals made poops in va bedroom.  What von heck????  She were looking out va window at va grass and ven started to go!  Moms and I told her "get outside, go outside!" and she 'ventually did.  GAWD Cals!!!  You're naughty, too?

Seeing as how my sisters have compwetewy wost vere minds, I'm making myself va boss of vis joint! First order of va business is taking over vis love seat!  It is just my size!  I can sprawl out and get comfy in any position!

Next up is compwete control of all va bone bones.  Vat will be harder, cuz Sarah Farah Bearah barks and barks like a fool when I have a bone bone.  I'll teach her!

Make sure you say Happy Birfday to my dads, it is his birfday today!  Love you dads, you are va bestest!!!


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