Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I also real love my moms!!

I forgot to say I real love my moms in yesserday's bwog.  She are va bestest mommy ever!!  We do awot of fun fings togever and we snuggler AWOT!  She teaches me a kinds of stuff, like 'gility, 'bedience, how to pway nice wiff va over dogs, and everyfing like vat!  We go awot of places togever, like home visits for rescue, va Pee Are fings for rescue where I get to meet wots of people and show vem how nice Dobermans are, we go pway if over dog friends, and everyfing!  I are never bored cuz moms keeps us busy!

Most of all she always loves me, no matter what.  I know I are safe and always will have va happy cuz she works hard to put a roof over our heads, she says.  Ha!  I'd be fine living outside, if she were wiff me.

I hope you all have super duper moms, too.  Make sure you tell vem you love vem!!



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