Monday, April 2, 2012

Going on a 'cation!!!

It was a real busy weekend for me and va famiwy.  Moms and dads were packing stuff and ven vey packed up my food!  Vat means I'm going on a 'cation!!  I real love 'cation, I get to run and pway in va big yard at Auntie Pams. 

I pwayed wiff Sarrah all va time vis weekend!  Even Cali joined us.  She told Sarah to knock it off awot, but we had fun togever!!!

Sarah is a cuckoo pants girl.  She got on va couch and ven was digging around in va cushions!  Moms laughed and ven told Sarah to get off va couch.  Sarah made va potty on va couch and ven moms was sad.... 

Well, I better get my stuff ready for 'cation.  I prolly won't be able to use Pam's 'puter, so I will talk to you all on Facebook and will bwog when I get back!



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