Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have awot of cousins!

   I have cousins at Auntie Pam's house, too.  Vis is Starbuck & Newton.  Vey are bullies, and vey freak me out!!!  Sometines, vo, Newton opens our room and ven Cals and I can pway wiff everyone.  But he stares awot at me and I don't know what to do!  Starbuck is smaller and he likes to go in all va dog rooms and eat any kibble they didn't eat.  Haha, smart wittle guy!!
Melvin B is va coolest Doberman, ever.  He is my BFF and I are always so happy to see him on a cation!  He is big and black and he is va IDR+ mascot!  His brover, Degas, is a 'bino and also he only has one eye!  He is real fun and crazy business!!  He has his own big bedroom wiff a people bed and everyfing!
Look how nice they can all sit for pictures!  Oh, vat wittle one is Robyn, and she are a tiny wittle baby animal.  Moms always says "gentle" around her, so she doesn't get hurted.  She is some kind of a toy fing, TNT dynomite I fink!  I forgot what vey call it...
Here is moms and Newton.  I fink moms got into va wine or somefing, she looks silly!  Hahaha moms!!!  Newton loves to lie on his back and ven he snores and snores, all va time!

I real miss my cousins and orphan friends, and also Auntie Pam cuz she feeds me real early.  And also I am going to ask Santa for a big yard like Auntie's!!!


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