Friday, April 6, 2012

Being Vito

Hi all, Vito here.  My pal, Hogan, is on cation, so his moms sed I cud bwog. Iz not sure what dat is, but Hogie told me I cud tell de peeps about wut we call da "bwack & tan sister pwoblem."   I'm a red dude, not a dobe, Iz Veeshla.   

I gots 3 bwack & tan sisters (& a red one, another Veeshla but shez nice to me & doesn't ever squish me . . . just da bwack & tans do dat.) 

Dat is Minx.  Shez real leetle, so fun to pway tug wit becuz she bites her toy reeeealy hard & I can swing her around (but den moms makes me stop.)

Char is da udder bwack & tan, sheez leetle too.  Sometimes we cuddle, we hangs out awot & sheez nice when shez not wit da udders.

But da biggest pwoblem iz da Twink.  She shoulda been football pwayer cus she is gud at tackling a guy!  Shez naughty. 
My moms sez dey are "da Heathers." I don't know wut dat means, sposed to be some old movie bout mean girlz. I tink moms is rite.  

Anway just wanted to say us red boyz gotta stick togedder, go Hogie! 

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