Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm a big brover!!

Moms and dads are 'dopting Fare Bear!!  We are calling her Sarah now, vo.  Moms had a big talk wiff me about being a good zample for Sarah to learn from cuz I'm so smart and everyfing!  I real like to see moms and dads wiff smiles, and Sarah helps wiff vat, so she can stay!!  I never was a big brover before, moms says it's very spesho.  Here we are vis morning pwaying treat games.

Vat crazy puppy went away last night wiff Jenfur.  Phew!!!!  He were making me so madness!!!

I have to start packing for vacation.  Next week I fink my friend Vito Vizsla are going to help me write va bwog.  Stay tuned!!!


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