Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi!!!  Hoga left his computer on and signed in to his blog while he sunbathes in the kitchen... sucka!!! 

My name is Cali, and I'm beautiful, smart, a good dancer, a good singer, and I'm perfeck!  Momma says my birth mom was a sweet, gentle, beautiful red girl and my daddy was from Argentina and very serious!  I like to think I'm a spicy, sassy, lady :-) 

Here I am, so beautiful!  I'm so beautiful, Auntie Lauren did a photo shoot!

I'm a very popular girl!  I volunteer with rescue and go on home visits and to PR events.  Here I am, being famous....  me and Lindsay the Loop Girl...  everyone was saying "what a knockout!" and even asked for autographs!

This is my friend, Rogan and I with some Hooters girls.  We were a big hit! 

Sometimes I go to work with Momma to keep her company.  I'm real good at work.  She puts out a bed and I rest my eyes!  Sometimes I bark when people come to visit, but that's what I supposed to do.  I don't like people in my space!

I might get my own blog. I don't know why Hoga is so famous... he is ugly and he smells.  I don't know why Momma brought me a brutha.  I was doing fine as an only dog!  Now Hoga and I are like a unit and go everywhere together.  I actually do like it, but I'll never let Momma know!

Have a good day, everybody!  Smile!

Very truly yours,


  1. Aww Thanks Cali for putting Rogan in the blog. We really miss the big goof ( Frosti, Toula, and Bearby)

    1. "He was a real good boy, we had fun togetha! Cali"