Monday, March 26, 2012

Now VAT was a fun weekend!

All free childrens came to our house vis weekend!  I real love my childrens... I call vem children number 1, children number 2, and children number free!  Vey are so nice to me and we have awot of fun!

Farrah puppy is still at our house.  One day, I went in va kitchen and busted her taking my toys!!!  See my toy box?  She were taking everyfing out, and everyfing!  GAWD Farrah, stoppit!

Yesserday, Auntie Susan and Auntie Tawni brought over baby Jax.  He are super cuteness and a real nice boy.  I got to meet him and we barked at each other, haha!  I was glad vey came to visit!! I fink Farrah got to pway wiff Jax because she were outside wiff moms and everyone and ven came in and was super tired, which never happens!  After our guests weft, we got ready for some din din.... here we all are, see Farrah is still seep seep!

Ven, moms, dads, and children number 1 let me and Farrah outside to pway.  Between you and me, I real like Farrah.  We had awot of fun pwaying!  Moms said we had to go very easy cuz of Fare Fare's surgery....  Weeeeeeeeee!!!

I wouldn't real complain if she never gotted adopted.  Have a good day, my friends!




  1. What a good writer you are Hogan, maybe you should hold a class and then Tyr would take it and then maybe he will start a blog...

    1. "Fanks, Auntie Kat! Maybe Try wants to be a guest writer?? I'm going on vacation soon and need red heads to fill in for me... he's kinda red!"

    2. Tyr has a busy social calendar and will try but not sure he is learned enough to do as good of a blog as you but he is willing to give it a go for a day ifn you want him to