Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well, I didn't expect vat!!!

Dads came home yesserday wiff a black Dobergirl.  Gawd, dads, we already have a feisty black Dobergirl!!!  Vis one is name Farrah and she are actually real cuteness.  She are pwayful and has awot of energy!!  Vis is a picture of her I took:

Moms says we can't "mingle" wiff her yet cuz we have to get to know her first.  So moms put up a fence fing and we can see her and sniff her wiffout trouble. 

Even Cals is being niceness to Farrah, which is freaking me out!!  I don't real like how happy moms and dads get when vey pway wiff Farrah.  I am va baby in vis famiwy and I fink vey forgotted vat.  So ven I climbed in a bed and pouted.

Dads also brought home some strange fing vat makes va weirdest noises!!  What von heck vis is????

Moms took vis animal wiff her today and said he won't come back.  Probly a good fing cuz Cals and Farrah were real excited about it!

Farrah wants to pway... she is in my big boy crate and I'm loose wiff Cals.  Maybe I can break her out!


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