Monday, March 19, 2012

Somefing is going on....

Vis morning, I had to help moms get my big boy crate out of va basement and set it up in va kitchen.  Vis is va crate my Bulldog puppies were in and now I wonder if we will get new puppies!  Moms also brought out my baby crate.  What von heck is going on???  Moms says "you'll see later, Boo Bear.  It will be fun!"  Now I can hardly wait for what is coming later.  I inspected va baby crate to make sure it is all cwean and safe.  I brought up my blankies, too!  I love fostering!!

Have a good day, my friends.  And remember to try and help animals in need near you, too!  Vere are so many ways to help!!  I am a foster dad, but you can also help drive animals around, do paperwork like moms does, go to events and meet people, and everyfing!!!



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