Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farrah Farrah Farrah!

I are getting real tired of hearing bout Farrah.  Farrah vis and Farrah vat!  Yesserday I got to meet her, up close.  Moms and I were on a walk and dads was out wiff Farrah.  We got to sniff each other and ven we pwayed a little bit.  I was having so much fun, but VEN she nipped my buttsy!!!  My precious widdle hiney vat I'm very protective of!!!  GAWD Farrah, gawd!  Vat was rude!  I growlered at her and ven walked away.  Big doodie head!  I went in va house and ven moms took Cals outside.  I was happy to have some awone time, but ven remembered I hate being awone!  Moms, dads, Cals, and Farrah all came back in and ven I had va happy again.  Until I came in va kitchen and vere was moms, snugglerin wiff Farrah....  I spoke up about it, cuz vat is MY momma! Moms said I'm still her number one boy.... good fing, moms!

Ven I saw dads eating pizza and vere is Farrah, sitting pretty.  What a showoff!!!  I know more ven her, I went to schools and everyfing!

Today moms took Farrah wiff her.  Cals and I are happy to have a quiet day of rest.  I wonder if Farrah is coming back?  She is kinda fun...


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