Sunday, March 11, 2012


Lately, moms and dads are talking awot about puppies.  Vey are Freaking.Me.Out!  I am va puppy in vis house, and vat is vat!  I real love puppies, vo, so maybe a puppy would be nice...  hmm.  I told moms to just go frew my puppy photo album and pretend I'm a tiny baby again.  We wooked frew awot of pics and here are some of our favorites:                                          

Vis is me at Momma Karin's house, I was so tiny!  Real handsome already, too!  Moms said I had a good movement for a wittle guy... gross moms, why are you talking about baffrooming??

Moms says vis is va first picture of me she ever did see.  Wow, are I gorgeous or what??  Moms says I was apposed a be a show dog!

Vis was when I came to live wiff moms.  Vat was my chicken hawk toy, I killed it on va first day!  Moms sewed it up and I carried it around for a wong time.

Moms started taking me to school right away.  I learned "sit" when I was still in ear posts!  Check out my fwame neckwace, that was an awesome one!

I real loved sunbazing even as a pupper.  I real love our deck, too, even now.  I just lay vere and lay vere until moms or dads says I'm gonna burn up!

All vese puppy pictures make ME want a puppy, too!  I am an uncle now, my sister Livia had 4 babies!  Vey are so tiny and real cuteness!  Moms says vere are no red girls and vat gives her va bummers.  Good fing she has me for her red head!


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