Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coming to get you!!!

Hi everyone!  Moms has been sick so I couldn't get on va puter to do vis.  Now I will catch up!

For vose who don't know me, I'm a really good stalker!  I stalk Cals all va time, like vis!

Cals... I coming to get you!!

 Hi Cals!  I'm here to get you, but first, I stick my tongue out!!  :-P

Whoa Cals!  Whoa!!  Chill out and everyfing!!

 I'm going to GET you!  OK?  OK??

Um, OK?  

And ven she gets bored and goes to take a nap, usually.  Moms says she's an old wady who doesn't want to pway so much.  Booooo!!!


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