Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekends are real nice!

Hi everyone, and everyfing.  I real like weekends cuz moms is home all va time wiff us.  Some weekends we also have va childrens, which is va bestest!  Vey didn't come vis weekend but I did bunches of stuff wiff moms and dads...

First, moms and I did fings in va yard.  She was cweaning up branches and poop from winter.  I was checking out va Daffys vat are back!  I real love flowers.

We didn't go on a hike yesserday cuz it was funder and lightning outside for awhile.  But when it got nice outside, moms and dads gave Cals and I bone bones for to chew on.  Vey were SO good.  We still have vem today for more chewing!

Today it was beyoootiful outside.  Cals and I sunbazed, chewed bones, ven moms and dads put us in va car wiff vem and away we went to va marsh for hiking!  Here's me and Cals, taking va front.  Cals was getting real hotness and kept asking for a wagon to be pulled in.  She are getting to be old lady!

We took a rest for a widdle bit.  We always look in opzit directions in case va enemy is coming!

Now it's time to snuggle wiff dads.  He is my bestest buddy ever.



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