Thursday, March 22, 2012

She are back!!

Moms came home from work yesserday and gave us din din, took us for walks, and ven she went out.  When she came back, she had Farrah wiff her.  I could tell from one sniff vat Farrah was at va dockers office.  She were real tired and calm.  Moms said to let her rest cuz she had va surgery.  I had surgery once, too, and ven got real sickness and was in hospitow.  I gave Farrah kisses frew va gate cuz I felt badness for her.  Cals was even happy to see Farrah again.... oh gawd, two black bitches mean trouble I fink!!!  When dads got home, Farrah was SO happy.  I fought her nub would wag right off her body, she was wagging so fast!  She knows how to lean real good, too.  Dads almost fell right over!

Cals and I decided to pway for awhile.  We real love bitey face kissy snout.  We run around and around after, and make faces at each uver.  Cals makes va best faces, ever!  I have to duck sometines cuz she has real sharpness teef!!!  I have a lot of boo-boos on my side, vat is why vey call me Boozer sometines.  I don't mind that name, moms always sounds happiness when she says it :-) 

Moms said Jenfur is coming today, I can hardly wait!  She is va best and we real love her!!  Have a good day, everyone.  And everyfing!!!


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