Thursday, March 8, 2012


Cinny came over last night and va birfday party was so much fun!!! 

I was real excited for her to come.  I waited by va door wiff Cals...  and finally she came!

Ven moms and I brought out va gifts I boughted her... tuwips and a tiara!  Every princess needs a crown, right??  Moms and dads got her a card and it had a fake booger in it and everyfing!!

Cinny real liked her presents and I real liked my hat!  Cals was not happy about vat hat, she is a party pooper!  Look how beyootiful Cinny is in her crown!
Ven we had some alone time... Cin petted me and told me I'n hansum, ven she gave me a massage... it was va best!  Ven I gave her a kiss. 

Vis was va best birfday ever!  I real love Cinny!


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