Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big day coming up!

Today my girfriend is coming over and we are having a party cuz it is her birfday!.  Moms says vere will be birfday hats, which gives me va happy business.  I real love party hats!!  My girfriend, Cinny, talks about party hats awot, too.  She is awesome!  I'm gonna supwise her wiff vis party, she will be so happiness! 

I jus took a shower so I smell real nice for her!  Maybe moms will brush my teef, too.  Vat always feels funny but I wike it awot!!!  Moms better not get any funny ideas and do my nails, too, vo.... I don't wike vat one bit!

Today is also a big day cuz my real sister, Livia, is having baby puppies.  Real ones, and everyfing!!  I wish I was cwoser to her so I could see her babies.  One time, moms says I was a baby puppy and I was va cutest fing ever!  I just wooked frew her puter and found vis pic of me... she is right, look how cute!

I hope you all have a good day, too!  Moms says I have 4 fans now which makes me wag my nub back and forth!


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